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"Worship Him"
Rev. 14 in Song


"Appointment with History"                                               "You Must Be Born Again"
                                     Both Parts of our Amazing Testimony                                                 John 3 in song                                                       


          "Lift Up Your Eyes"                                                      "The Ten Virgins"
                   Isaiah 51 in Song                                                Susan Fouts sings Matthew 25



           "Culture Wars"                                                          "Tell - A - Vision" Updated
                                      Who is Israel?                                                    A prophetic view of Technology                            


     "Soldiers for Jesus"                                                           "Let's Make a Deal"
        Spiritual Analogy                                                     Discount Christianity


    "Resurrection Life"                                                                                 "Secret Places"
                                             The Lord Jesus will preserve us                                              Matt 24 in Song                                                        

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"The Seals"                                                                              
"Seal Not"
         Revelation 5 in song                                                              Revelation 22 in Song       




       "My Father and Me on TV"
       Christmas 1955

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