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                "Mansions"                                                            "World Trade Center in Prophecy?"
             Our Eternal Hope - John 14 in song                                                                     Could the tragedy of 9-11 be in scripture
                                                                                                                                *New*  WTC part 2 Nancy Gibbs Article Follow-Up          

                          "Eternity"                                                             "You Must Be Born Again"
                      Prophetic Song                                                                                  
John 3 in song


                  "Culture Wars"                                                          "Tell - A - Vision" Updated
                                                      Who is Israel?                                                                         A prophetic view of Technology                            

"Build, Build, Build!"                                                              "Worship Him"
             Scripture Song                                                                            Revelation 14 in song


       "Lift Up Your Eyes"                                                                              "Secret Places"
           Isaiah 51 in Song                                                                           Jesus words in Song


     In Memory of our daughter Jennifer Lisa Rep                                        "Resurrection Life"                            
                                                                                                                                 The Lord will Preserve You 

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- More Original Videos -


                                                                       "And with Fire"                                                                       "Mine Enemies"                                                                
Why so many trials?                                                                 911 in Lamentations?

         "Who Can Stand?"                                                             "He Was Wounded"
    Old Testament in Song                                                                                  Isaiah 53 in Song


          "Store Your Treasure"                                                          "What Does It Profit"
   Revelation 3:17                                                                                             Mark 8 

             "Thief in the Night"                                                              "Who Can Endure?"
                Prophetic Song                                                                                   Malachi in song    


 "Tribulation - In A Nutshell"                                                               "The Mark"
                     Each Scripture using the word "tribulation"                                                                  Revelation 13                            

           "Appointment with History"                                                 "My Dad and Me on TV"
  Amazing Family Testimonies                                                 Christmas 1955

                     "Miracles"                                                                "Last Days in a Nutshell"
                Are they for today?                                                                  
"Last Days" in the Scriptures

                "Soldiers for Jesus?"                                                            "Chamber of Worship"
                       Spiritual Co-relation                                                                           "
Inspired Spiritual Analogy"

    Debra's Mother's Memorial Page

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